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Mold Damage – Tarpon Springs Home

Mold damage in this Tarpon Springs home developed while the home was under construction. Heavy thunderstorms had placed a lot of rainwater into the structure. M... READ MORE

Unoccupied Condo in Tarpon Springs Sustains Heavy Water Damage

Often, when winter homes in Tarpon Springs are not inspected on a weekly schedule, mishaps are amplified in the damages they cause. Standing water on this engin... READ MORE

Tarpon Springs Commercial Carpet Is Soaked

The running water from the kitchen of this nursing facility in Tarpon Springs saturated the commercial grade carpeting. To prevent water damage to the legs of t... READ MORE

Storm Water Harms a Tarpon Springs Home

After water gushes in through sliders leading to the patio cover a carpeted floor with water, damage is the result. The flooring was drenched and was discarded.... READ MORE

Tarpon Springs Fire Damaged Apartment Building

Some fire damaged properties, like this one in Tarpon Springs, still present a safety hazard after the flames are extinguished. Trained fire and smoke damage te... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Tarpon Springs Home

Mold damage at this Tarpon Springs home was caused by a small plumbing leak under the sink in the bathroom. The mold infestation went unnoticed until the tell t... READ MORE

Water Damage – Tarpon Springs Home

Water damage to this Tarpon Springs home’s garage was the result of a plumbing leak in a second-floor bathroom. Fortunately, it was discovered quickly whe... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage to a Building in Tarpon

The electrical malfunction in the attic crawl space of this commercial building in Tarpon burnt a large number of trusses. These charred rafters were still stru... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Tarpon Springs

Storm damage can be severe and very devastating in Tarpon Springs. This home had siding torn away and roofing shingles blown off. The garage doors were totally ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation for a Tarpon Springs Condo

The winter residents were away from their condo for several months and failed to control the interior temperature and humidity adequately. SERVPRO of Tarpon sug... READ MORE